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Every character in Das Tal gains their abilities from the combination of an armor set and a weapon set. Armor generally gives access to abilities that are self-focused, or affect the area directly around you.

Note: These armor sets are all work-in progress - many of them have not yet made it past the concept stage. Their names and abilities will still be worked on until they finally make their way into the game.

Implemented Armor-Sets

The Assassin (Leather): The Assassin focuses on moving in on a target quickly and undetected. Evasive and mobile, it uses speed enhancements and shadow elements to fade from sight and teleport. Basic traps and single-target crowd control are also part of the Assassin’s key skills.

The Guardian (Splint Mail): A Guardian is successful when taking damage in place of allies. With the ability to temporarily ignore and even absorb damage as health, the front lines are this armor’s home. Going on the offensive is also possible, with a selection of close range disruptive abilities.

The Arcanist (Robes): The Arcanist is a trickster that uses elemental abilities to perfection. The aim here is to deceive, confuse and then destroy. By teleporting into position while deflecting projectiles, the Arcanist can create the space needed to charge up a devastating area-of-effect assault.

Planned Armor-Sets

The Trapper (Backpack): The Trapper embodies the experience of surviving the wild unknown of the Valley. Offering survival and tactical abilities that make use of the surrounding terrain and flow of battle, the Trapper will make all the difference when facing the toughest of enemies.

The Bandit (Hide): The Bandit is a master of trickery and fighting dirty. Experience raiding settlements and caravans have bestowed a talent for exploiting weakness and taking advantage of other valley dwellers. Abilities for the Bandit focus on keeping an enemy incapacitated or weakened with poisons and crowd control while tha bandit stays extremely mobile.

The Healer (Cloth): The Healer is a welcome sight to any party, being able to cure a range of ailments that plague the Valley. Most feel more at home in a larger group, although a talented Healer can prove effective in a smaller group or even solo. Although quite vulnerable, their abilities do make it possible to avoid a reasonable amount of damage.

The Martialist (Tattoos): A Martialist relies on no-one but themselves, having spent their entire life honing their body to become attuned with the elements. The body of an adept is imbued with toxic substances that allow it to change dramatically - shining bright as the sun, or becoming solid as stone. This level of control over the body itself makes it possible for the Martialist to disrupt enemies while remaining largely unharmed.

The Barbarian (Fur): Often only encountered in the outlying areas of the Valley, many Barbarians tend to keep to themselves. In the thick of the fight, a Barbarian will often only be angered by minor wounds, using their fury to charge head first into the enemy. This frightening combination of mobility and toughness are enough to make many enemies flee the battlefield.

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