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Attributes[edit | edit source]

Every character starts with a basic, balanced setup of attributes.

Every character in The Exiled has basic attributes that are used in combat. Leveling up your character does not automatically increase your attributes, instead they are controlled by the type, quality and modifications of the equipped Gear.

Attributes Cheat Sheet[edit | edit source]

For all attributes - higher is better!

Attribute Base Value Meaning
Health 1500 0 = knocked-out
Energy 1500 needed to cast skills
Determination 1000 1000 = 10s immunity after filling up
Run Speed 500 500 = 5m/s
Ability Speed 1000 1000 = 100% speed, so 900 = 10% longer casts, 1100 = 10% faster casts
Cooldown Speed 1000 same as Ability Speed, but with cooldowns on skills
Physical Resistance 0 100 = 10% less damage, -100 = 10% more damage when damaged by physical attacks
Mental Resistance 0 same as Physical, just for Mental attacks

Health and Energy[edit | edit source]

Health and Energy are the basic combat resources in the game. If your health drops to 0, you get knocked-out. If your energy is too low, you can not cast Skills anymore.

Regeneration[edit | edit source]

Health and Energy can either be recovered with skills, or over time. If you do not get damaged for a while you start to regain health, if you do not use skills for a while you start to regain energy.

Determination[edit | edit source]

Determination is the third resource in The Exiled and you generally start with "0" active determination. Everytime you are hit by a skill that causes a movement-impairing debuff on you, your determination bar fills up. Once your determination bar is full, you gain immunity to any movement-impairing debuffs depending on how much determination you have.

Run Speed[edit | edit source]

Run Speed refers to your base walking speed, assuming best conditions, so walking on the road and into the direction you are facing.

Ability Speed[edit | edit source]

Ability Speed influences how long it takes to activate a skill after triggering the cast.

Cooldown Speed[edit | edit source]

Cooldown Speed influences how long a player has to wait until they can activate a skill again.

Physical and Mental Resistance[edit | edit source]

Both resistances apply a damage reduction or an increase after getting hit. Negative values will make incoming attacks stronger, positive values will make them weaker.

Gear[edit | edit source]

For a detailed description of what equipment influences what attribute, refer to the appropriate page.

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