Caravan Raid

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A caravan sets out from a resource spawn. It slowly makes its way, via the main roads, over to a clan’s settlement. The caravan carries resources and essences as cargo. Defeat the caravan to loot it, or guide it towards your own settlement safely for twice the amount of loot (requires storage).


Spawn and route

Caravan symbol.jpg
The caravan-event starts, when the caravan spawns at one of the resource spawns on the map. Its loot will coreespond to the type of material that is generated by its starting location. The caravan will then make its way to the nearest settlement that is owned by the same clan as the resource spawn, where it spawns. It will use the roads to do so. The caravan will be displayed on the map as violett diamonds.
If there is no owner of the resource spawn or if the owner does not own a settlement, the caravan will move to the neutral settlement at the center of the map instead.

Stopping a caravan

A caravan can be stopped by any player. A caravan consists of two camels, which have 5000 HP each and some regeneration. The camels wont fight back and are susceptible to slows, snares and other crowd control, which may help to keep them from reaching their destination before dieing.
After killing the camels, they can be looted like every other enemy.

Defending a caravan

A caravan will always despawn if its reaches its destination. If the owner of the spawning resource spawn doesn't own a settlement, the loot of the caravan will be lost. If the owner however also owns a settlement, the loot and a bonus will be added to his caravan storage. An owner with both a resource spawn and a settlement has an incentive to defend his own caravans to get the loot and the bonus.


Frequency Every hour, staggered
Triggered by Timer
Target player # 2-10
Location between every clan-owned resource spawn and the clan’s closest settlement
Duration 15 minutes
Loot A lot of resources, some essences
Broadcast range 9 clusters
Broadcast Caravan spawned/caravan enters your range/caravan attacked/caravan defeated