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Combat System[edit | edit source]

The Exiled has an action combat system that is heavily inspired by Bloodline Champions. For those unfamiliar with BC, another good example would be Smite. The core of the system is that all abilities are aimed or timed by the player. There is no way to 'lock onto' your target. You use your abilities and, depending on if you used them at the correct time or aimed correctly, they will hit their target.

There are a few different ways that abilities affect their target, and that depends mostly on the type of ability. Armor abilities for example tend to affect either only the caster, or a small area around them. Some armor abilities will be cast immediately when their key is pressed. Others (like the one shown below) have an action involved, and require aiming. Left clicking or pressing the ability key a second time will cast the ability.


Weapon abilities require aiming, and bring up a guide when the ability key is pressed. For melee abilities, the guide will show the general range and width of the attack. For ranged attacks, the guide gives slightly more information. For example, the image below shows where the projectile will land, and the area the target needs to be standing in to be affected. On top of that, the arrows leading to the guide show that if the attack hits a target before reaching its destination, it will activate at that target's position.


Other projectiles, like the one shown below, can be cast at the target location regardless of if there are other targets in between.


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