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It is said that only those who adapt to the valley will survive its dangers. Dojos are where those willing to teach, and those willing to learn come together. This is where you acquire new abilities and hone your existing skills.

This is an ongoing page. Info will be constantly changing until release.


The Dojo is 1 of 2 main buildings used for the advancement of your character. The Dojo is used specifically to learn, train, and swap, skills.
For the other main building click, Workshop
Understanding Progression and Experience
Dojo Image.png

Using the Dojo

To use the Dojo, you simply walk up to it and press the space bar. This will bring up a new UI screen.
Dojo2 Image.png

Training Tab

The training tab is the main tab used in the Dojo.

Weapon Selction & Armor Selection

Here you can swap what Weapons and Armor you use by clicking on the icon.
Weapon Armor Selection.png
Please note, when you swap to a Weapon or Armor selection that you are not currently using, you will be required to use Pigments to pay the cost. Currently the cost is 2 Pigments of a specific color as shown below. When you have paid the pigment cost of the new selection, the old Abilities used will be removed from the bar. At this point, you will start to drag over the new skills you want to use for that Weapon or Armor selection to the Ability Selection bar.
For a full list of skills for each Weapon and Armor selction, click here: Skills
To learn how to aquire new skills, click here: Finding Additional Skills

Dojo's Ability Pigment Repository

The Pigment Repository is where you will drag the pigments from your inventory screen.
Dojo Pigment Repository Image.png
As of 2016-1-7 you only use 7 of the 8 pigments to swap your Weapon and Armor selection, and to pay for your Ability increases. Each Armor, Weapon, and Abilities require a specific Pigment to pay the cost.
Currently it cost 2 Pigments to swap to a new Weapon or Armor selection. All Pigment cost are shown in the Training Costs Overview.
The color types are as follows:

Pigment Color Weapon/Armor
Red Pigment 32x32.png Red War Scythe War Scythe
Yellow Pigment 32x32.png Yellow Staff Staff
Orange Pigment 32x32.png Orange Bow Bow
Green Pigment 32x32.png Green Totem Totem
Violet Pigment 32x32.png Violet Robe Robe
Black Pigment 32x32.png Black Leather Leather
Blue Pigment 32x32.png Blue Splint Splint

There is 1 additional pigment in the game as well. It will be used for future updates. White Pigment has been verified to be used with Cloth armor and Sling weapons when they are added to the game.

White Pigment 32x32.png White Cloth TBD
White Pigment 32x32.png White Sling TBD

Ability Selection

The Ability Selection and the Current Ability Choices box below are used together along with the Ability Library
Ability Selection Dojo.png

When you change to a new Weapon/Armor Selection, swap skills, or upgrade skills, it's all done here. Your current ability choices that you have to select from will show up below.

  • Note It will only show the Abilities you have currently learned.
  • Note You can only add as many Weapon and Armor Abilities that is allowed by your level. See Training Limitations.

Ability Choices Image.png
To move skills from the Ability Choices to the Ability Selection, swap them, or remove them, you simply drag and drop.
To upgrade a skill, you move it to the Ability Selection bar then press the Plus Image 20x20.png button. You can also downgrade skills using the Minus Image 20x20.png button.
Anytime you upgrade or downgrade a skill, it will cost you Pigments. Right now it is 1 Pigment per skill increase or decrease.
* Note When you swap, upgrade, or downgrade skills off your bar, they will retain their skill level. You never have to upgrade or downgrade it again if you remove it from your bar.
* Note If you remove the skill from the Ability Library tab, you will have to relearn the skill and spend Pigments again to upgrade/downgrade it.

  • Note There are a few reasons why you would not be able continue to increase the skill level of an Ability, or add Skills to your Ability bar.

The Dojo you are using is capped. See: Dojo Levels.
Your level only allows a specific number of Weapon/Armor Abilities, and Points per Ability. See below.

Training Limitations

Training Limitations is located in the lower right hand corner of the Training Tab. This info tells you how many Weapon/Armor Abilities you are allowed on your Ability bar,
and how many points you are allowed to spend within each Ability. This can be capped either by your character level limit or by the Dojo limit. See Dojo Levels; Player Made Dojo
Example of a level 1 character and a level 46 character.
Training Limitation lvl1 image.png Training Limitation lvl46 image.png

Ability Library Tab

The Ability Library Tab is where you go to learn all your acquired skills. All you do is drag them over from your inventory to the Ability Pattern Repository.
Below is what a level 1 characters screen would look like. In the top left where it says Progress you will see an overall of how many Skills you own.
Currently, in order to learn every skill in the game you need to be level 48 as shown in the picture to the right.
Ability Library level1 Image.png Ability Library level48 Image.png

*Note If you click the FORGET button to the right of the skill, you will lose any progress made with that skill. You will have to learn the skill again and spend more Pigments to upgrade it.

Information Tab

The Information Tab gives you some of the same info about how to use the Dojo as you will find here.

Dojo Levels

As of 2016-1-7 there are currently 2 types game created Dojo's. They are the level 2 Dojo and the level 4 Dojo. Level 2 Dojo's are close to the Newcomer Oasis areas.
The level 4 Dojo, also known as the Veteran Dojo is located in the South Central section of the map.
When you go to train your skill points at these Dojo's you will be capped by their level. At the level 2 Dojo you can only train the skills to a max of Plus Image 20x20.png 2
and at the level 4 Dojo to a max of Plus Image 20x20.png 4.
Below is the current map of game created Dojo locations.
Dojo Map Image.png

Player Created Dojo's

  • Note You can only train your skills to the maximum at a Player Created Dojo.

In order to increase the skill level of your Abilities, you will need to use a Player Created Dojo.
In order for this to happen 1 of 3 things need to happen:
* 1 You will need to take over an Unclaimed Settlement where you can build a Dojo.
* 2 You will need to take over a Claimed Settlement by another Clan. See Clans and Sieges.
* 3 You will need to sneak into a Clan owned Settlement and test your luck.

Creation and Upgrading Cost

Below is the creation cost and the upgrade cost to Tier-9. In order to create the Dojo you need to be apart of a Clan that owns a Settlement or own the Settlement yourself.
See Settlements.
See Resources.
See Clans.

Resource Creation Cost Upgrade T-6 Upgrade T-7 Upgrade T-8 Upgrade T-9
Leather Image 32x32.png Leather 300 400 500 600 700
Pelts Image 32x32.png Pelts 200 300 400 500 600
Obsidian Image 32x32.png Obsidian 100 200 300 400 500
Essence Image 32x32.png Essence 50 50 50 50 50