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In Das Tal, there are a multitude of Events that are happening all over the map. There are small events like the ones listed below as well as complex fights over resource spawn points and sieges. Events will be broadcast in a set range and can be tracked on your map.

Events vary in scale as they target and affect different numbers of players.


Small Events (up to 10 players)

Meteorite Excavation
Caravan Raid
Jailor Patrol Raid (planned)
Surge of Madness (planned)
Bounty Hunt (planned)
Trade Caravans (planned)
Insatiable Monster (planned)
Prisoner Influx (planned)

Medium Events (up to 25 players)

Resource Control Fight
Jailor Settlement Raid (planned)
The Artifact (planned)
Stampede (planned)
Wildfire (planned)

Global Events (more than 25 players)

Settlement Siege
Rise of the Ancient (planned)
The Escape (planned)

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