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Before The Valley

"The Exiled" takes place in a fantasy world with no connections to our own. In this world's recent history, people lived as various tribes scattered across the landscape. Only during the last 100 years did these tribes come together with their sights set on a collective goal; to enter the newly discovered valley, in order to live off its rich resources. In the process of establishing the valley as a source of life and wealth, and having only recently been brought together for a common cause, the population was split. A large group settled on the valley floor, where they would work on setting up the infrastructure needed. The remainder stayed on the cliffs above, relying heavily on their friends below for food and other resources.

The Rift

As time went by and the colonies in the valley worked into a steady and efficient rhythm, a division began to form between the two groups. With family ties all but forgotten, the workers below resented those who they were expected to feed. Before tensions could mount too high between the two groups, the city above imploded in on itself. A power hungry politician eliminated all competition in a single swoop, rounding up her enemies under the cover of darkness. These poor souls were thrown into the lifts and sent down to the valley floor. After seizing power, the self proclaimed elite above cut off all hopes of escape from the valley. All but a few mechanical lifts to the floor below were destroyed, and patrols became a regular sight close to the cliffs.

The Valley Today

The population of the valley today is a mixture of those who once worked the land and those who were thrown in when it became a prison. The land itself is far less prosperous than it once was, as its wealth now sits in stockpiles in the city above. Though the valley is lawless, some do try to work together. Their goal is ultimately just to survive, but some still hope that with enough determination, they can break free of their prison and exact revenge on the dictator who banished them here.

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