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Non-player characters (NPC) can be found all around the map of das Tal. They can either guard one of several camps or roam the valley. Small objectives spawn two NPC, when activated. You gain active XP for killing NPC. Members of a clan share XP, when they kill NPCs.

Types of NPC

There are four different kinds of Jailor and four different kinds of Miner mobs - all with different stats and abilites.

  • Jailors
    • Overseer
    • Guard
    • Interrogator
    • Poacher
  • Miners
    • Thrasher
    • Gnasher
    • Howler
    • Growler


You can loot NSC, when they are defeated. Mobs give differing amounts of active XP and they drop one to three essences.
They also can drop Skills. There are several NPC types in Das Tal. Each drops a specific ability set.

NPC-type Loot
Overseer Staff abilities.
Guard Splint abilities.
Interrogator Totem abilities.
Poacher Leather abilities.
Thrasher Robe abilities (4/8).
Gnasher Robe abilities (4/8).
Howler Bow abilities.
Growler Scythe abilities.
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