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There are several Spawn Points for resources in the valley. All resource spawns are vulnerable to a change of ownership once a day, at a time set by the current owner (must fall within the server’s prime time). A classic domination fight takes place, where control of the point at the end grants access to the loot. When the fight is over, the winner also faces the challenge of making off with the resources.

Specific Resource Spawn Points include:

Hemp Farm
Hemp is a wonderfully flexible plant, and is used in most buildings as a cheap insulation, as well as bindings in many weapons. The usefulness of hemp often leads to warring over areas where it grows well.

Clay Pit
Although common, clay is mostly buried deep beneath the earth. Excavation sites do exist, constructed by workers long ago. Control of these sites gives access to the valuable crafting material, and as such they are hotly contested.

Wood Camp
Wood was the first resource to be exploited in the valley. What remains is mostly riddled with sickness and useless, but some healthy forests do remain. The wood of these trees is crucial for weapon crafting and the construction of proper buildings.

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