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There are a few different types of resources in Das Tal, some looted from NPC's or other players, others gathered from various events. The different types are listed below.


Common resources used in settlement construction and to craft equipment at a Workshop. These materials can be gained from small events in certain zones, resource spawns and stolen from caravans of the respective spawns and other players.

Wood Image 32x32.png Wood
Hemp Image 32x32.png Hemp
Clay Image 32x32.png Clay
Leather Image 32x32.png Leather
Obsidian Image 32x32.png Obsidian
Pelts Image 32x32.png Pelts


Reagents are used when crafting weapons and armor to alter different character statistics when the items are equipped.

Blood of Tal Image 32x32.png Blood of Tal Used to alter character's total health
Soul of Tal Image 32x32.png Soul of Tal Used to alter character's total energy
Will of Tal Image 32x32.png Will of Tal Used to alter character's crowd control resistance
Stride of Tal Image 32x32.png Stride of Tal Used to alter character's movement speed
Haste of Tal Image 32x32.png Haste of Tal Used to alter character's cast speed
Breath of Tal Image 32x32.png Breath of Tal Used to alter character's ability cooldowns
Grit of Tal Image 32x32.png Grit of Tal Used to alter character's resistance to physical damage
Mind of Tal Image 32x32.png Mind of Tal Used to alter character's resistance to magical damage


Different pigments are required when swapping to a new weapon or armor, or when increasing the power of individual abilities. You use pigments in the dojo

As of 2016-1-7 you only use 7 of the 8 pigments to swap your Weapon and Armor selection, and to pay for your Ability increases. Each Armor, Weapon, and Abilities require a specific Pigment to pay the cost.
Currently it cost 2 Pigments to swap to a new Weapon or Armor selection.
The color types are:

Pigment Color Weapon/Armor
Red Pigment 32x32.png Red War Scythe War Scythe
Yellow Pigment 32x32.png Yellow Staff Staff
Orange Pigment 32x32.png Orange Bow Bow
Green Pigment 32x32.png Green Totem Totem
Violet Pigment 32x32.png Violet Robe Robe
Black Pigment 32x32.png Black Leather Leather
Blue Pigment 32x32.png Blue Splint Splint

There is 1 additional pigment (white) in the game as well. It will be used for future updates. White Pigment has been verified to be used with Cloth armor and Sling weapons when they are added to the game.

White Pigment 32x32.png White Cloth TBD
White Pigment 32x32.png White Sling TBD


Essences are a mystical element that bind with all creatures who dwell in the valley.
Can be used (right click) to gain experience points and to level up. It is also used in settlement building, and crafting recipes. You can use larger stacks of Essence at once to gain bonus experience.
Essence Image 32x32.png Essence