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The feeling of exploring new places and experimenting with new systems is very special. Constantly changing worlds allow you to experience this feeling time and again. Das Tal has been designed to support hundreds of semi-randomly generated worlds at the same time. Each of those worlds is unique in both geography and rule set. When you first start in a new world you will know nothing about it. You will have to explore, learn about its dangers and find out where to settle down.

Game worlds in Das Tal are always time-boxed. That means that they will run for a set duration (around one to three months) and then end in a massive event. We plan to have about 2.000 registered players per world and expect about 10% of those to be online at the same time. This has many benefits:

1) When a new world begins all players start on even footing. This gets rid of the power gap where players with months of playtime continue to grow stronger, while new players struggle to keep up and compete. As a new player you will always have the same chance at success as everyone else.

2) Time-boxing worlds allows us to remove a lot of grind that MMO developers often build into their game to prevent you from hitting the “end game” too fast. In Das Tal you rise to your full potential in a matter of weeks, and we don’t block you with pointless grind.

3) Since we have so many game worlds with limited duration, we can easily experiment with new features for each new game world. If an experiment fails once, it does not endager the whole game. With multiple game worlds and flexible rule sets, we can tailor the game experience for very specific groups of players. For example:

A solo-player game world without mages where archery is king? You can have that. Increase run speed and XP gains but lower average health points? That’s possible. A perma-death game world set in a continuous sand storm? Consider it done. We’ll give players the opportunity to work with us on this so you can enjoy your favorite rule set.

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