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Sieges are currently the only way in which player settlements can change ownership in The Exiled. They are one of the most high-stake moments in clan warfare and take quite some time and preparation to successfully complete.



A siege consists of seven phases:

   1. Offering
   2. Initiation
   3. Standoff
   4. Challenge
   5. Preparation
   6. Siege
   7. Cleanup

1st Phase: Offering

Sieges in The Exiled are facilitated by hermits. Every settlement is guarded by one of these lonesome valley-dwellers living in a small hut in the outskirt of a settlement. In order to start a siege, you need to make this hermit your friend - for a while. The proper bribe is called a “war offering”, an expensive creation that requires 100 essence (XP), and 400/400/400 wood/clay/hemp. You can currently craft it in every workshop in the valley. Once you have crafted the item it is your job to bring it to the hermit, give it to him (press SPACE on the tent) and start the siege.

2nd Phase: Inititation

Once the war offering has been received by the hermit, a control flag spawns close to its tent. You will now have to defend this flag for one hour. If at the end of the phase the flag is owned by a clan other than the owner of the settlement then the siege continues to the Standoff Phase. Note: This means that your siege can be taken over by any clan in the valley, so be very careful. If the flag is controlled by the defending clan or not controlled by anyone at the end of the time then the siege ends here.

3rd Phase: Standoff

The Standoff Phase is a one day breakthat starts after the successful Initiation Phase. Nothing happens here, get some rest and gear up for the next fight.

4th Phase: Challenge

Now it’s time for the attacking clan to assert their dominance over the settlement. At the beginning of the Challenge Phase, three new flags spawn outside of the settlement’s walls. The Challenge Phase takes one hour. Any clan (besides the settlement’s owner) who controls the majority (2+) these flags at the end will continue into the next phase of the siege as the attacker. Again: This is a chance for any clan in the valley to steal your siege. If at the end there is no clear majority or the majority is owned by the defender, the Siege ends here.

5th Phase: Preparation

After a successful Challenge Phase it is now up to the settlement’s owner to decide on when the deciding battle over the settlement will happen. In the next two days the defender has to pick a time that has to be during the server’s prime time and that has to be between 2 to 4 days from now. If no time is picked during the time window, the siege will default to the first available time slot.

6th Phase: Siege

This is where the hermit has finally done its job: The settlement’s walls and gates are now attackable. They have 60.000 / 30.000 HP and can be attacked and healed by players. Once destroyed, they revert back to ruin status and can be passed freely.

Addtionally, five control flags now spawn, three of them inside the city walls and two outside. Both clans, defender and attacker now start with a “morale level” (ticket system) of 6000 points. For every flag the attacker controls, the defender loses one morale point per second. For every flag not controlled by the attacker, the attacker loses one morale point.

7th Phase: Cleanup

When the attacker runs out of morale, the siege is over and the defender keeps its settlement. When the defender runs out of morale, the settlement now gets transferred over to the attacking clan - with all buildings and everything inside them. All flags get removed, walls and gates are made invulnerable again and the hermit returns to its dormant state in its hut.


Frequency About weekly during prime time
Triggered by Clan declaring siege
Target player # 20-100
Location Player settlement
Duration 3 hours
Loot Settlement ownership
Broadcast range World
Broadcast Siege intent announced/siege intent succeeded
siege time set/siege started/siege ended