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Staff Skills[edit | edit source]

Staff Skills are very versatile in use. From strong healing skills to disrupt-full damage skills, the Staff offers something for every playstyle.

Starting Skills[edit | edit source]

Every character starts with three basic Staff skills.

Skill Name Description Energy Cost Cast Time CD Min. Damage Max Damage DoT Heal Other
Magic Bolt 48x48.png Magic Bolt Medium range projectile that can hit

one target.

20 .1 .9 30-44 50-76
Heal Other 48x48.png Heal Other Strong heal that only heals other players,

not the caster.

180 .5 6.5 250-450
Fire Bolt 48x48.png Fire Bolt Burn one target and damage it over time. 60 .75 5.25 28-42 60-90 50/s-80/s

Advanced Skills[edit | edit source]

More Staff skills can be found within the world of The Exiled

Skill Name Description Energy Cost Cast Time CD Min. Damage Max Damage DoT
Heal Wounds 48x48.png Heal Wounds Heals one target close to your cursor. 120 .5 5.5 50-75 175-325
Ice Bolt 48x48.png Ice Bolt Slows down your target while doing


60 .75 5.25 40-60 100-150 4s-6s
Incinerate 48x48.png Incinerate Projectile that explodes at target location

causing massive damage and burning area.

300 2 28 256-384 40/s-60/s
Lightning Bolt 48x48.png Lightning Bolt Damage target and silence for a duration. 60 .1 9.9 44-66 100-150 3s-5s
Lightning Wall 48x48.png lightning Wall Static lightning damages and stuns per delay.

Width 4m-6m, Lifetime 12s-24s, Delay 2s-1s.

180 1.5 18.5 150-300 2s-4s
Stasis 48x48.png Stasis Mez one target. If target is attacked, attacker

takes damage.

120 .75 11.25 240-360 3s-6s
Suspended Lightning 48x48.png Suspended Lightning Stuns and damages targets in AoE after a


120 .1 11.9 1s-3s
Earth Wall 48x48.png Earth Wall Creates a perpendicular wall to your view

direction. Width 8m-10m Lifetime 15s-30s.

150 1.5 12.5
Emergency Heal 48x48.png Emergency Heal % based heal for one target. 300 .1 59.9 .2-.3 .3-.7