Totem Skills

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Totem Skills[edit | edit source]

Totem skills focus on disrupting the enemies and supporting allies through protective and healing skills. While Ritualists can deal damage, it is primarily through poison or damage-over-time skills and thus suits a slow-paced playstyle.

Starting Skills[edit | edit source]

Every character starts with three basic Totem skills.

Skill Name Description Energy Cost Cast Time CD Min. Damage Max Damage DoT Heal HoT Slow Debuff Buff
Muck 48x48.png Muck Short range projectile

damages and slows target

10 .1 .4 15-23 30-45 1.5s-3s Damage


Poison 48x48.png Poison Damage over time to

one target

100 .1 9.9 40-60 20/tick


Revitalise 48x48.png Revitalize Slowly heal one target.

Target and caster gain buffs.

200 .1 9.9 60-90 28/tick


Dmg resist

Heal increased

Advanced Skills[edit | edit source]

More Totem skills can be found within the world of The Exiled

Skill Name Description Energy Cost Cast Time CD Min. Damage Max Damage DoT Heal HoT Slow Root Debuff Buff
Energy Drain 48x48.png Energy Drain Drains energy from one


175 .1 8.9 Energy


Gravity Well 48x48.png Gravity Well Pulls target to its location while

damaging, rooting, slowing.

300 2 28 19.6/s-24.4/s 1.6m/s


1s-2s Energy


Healing Seed 48x48.png Healing Seed Heals small amount first hit

then massive amount second hit.

130 .1 4.9 1hit 90-165

2hit 260-450

Healing Totem 48x48.png Healing Totem Slowly heals many targets in AoE

and increases their resistance.

300 1.5 28.5 36/s-54/s Dmg resist

Heal increased

Protective Bubble 48x48.png Protective Bubble Makes target invulnerable for

short time

120 .1 7.9
Suppression 48x48.png Suppression Reduces targets damage dealt by

a significant amount.

100 .1 19.9 Damage


Toxic Spray 48x48.png Toxic Spray Channeled cone shape attack that

deals high DoT and roots targets.

200 .1 11.9 45/s-75/s During


Banish 48x48.png Banish Stuns target making the invuln and

invis while slowly healing over time.

120 .75 21.25-18.25 50/s

Caster 25/s



Burst Shot 48x48.png Burst Shot 5 projectiles to target location. Deals

higher damage at longer range.

90 .75 8.25 40-65
Droplets 48x48.png Droplets Fast projectile that does more

damge per consecutive hit.

10 .1 .4 22-33