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Every character in Das Tal gains their abilities from the combination of an armor set and a weapon set. Weapons generally give access to abilities that are focussed on affecting a targeted location on the screen - not necessarily in the vicinity of your character.

Note: These weapon sets are all work-in progress - many of them have not yet made it past the concept stage. Their names and abilities will still be worked on until they finally make their way into the game.

Implemented Weapon-Sets

The Archer (Bow): The Archer has the highest range of any weapon user in the game. Their abilities are generally very precise, requiring accuracy to be effective. A specialist at keeping their target at range, the Archer has an assortment of abilities that slow down or root enemies, while dealing high damage. If the fight moves into close quarters, an Archer typically doesn’t last very long.

The Elementalist (Staff): Manipulating the surrounding elements, an Elementalist is one of the most versatile weapons in Das Tal. Their range of abilities can deal high damage at range, including devastating ‘area of effect’ spells. The Staff also gives access to a number of crowd control abilities, and is one of the few weapons with healing.

The Ritualist (Totem): The Ritualist is subtle and patient in their methods. Focusing on abilities that show their full potential over time, they heal allies and poison enemies with deadly effect. The Ritualist also excels in strengthening friendly targets, and chipping away their foes’ will to fight. This makes them masters of long, drawn-out skirmishes.

The Reaver (War Scythe): The Reaver is a deadly fighter often viewed as crazy and bloodthirsty by both friends and foes. Their Scythe gives them unsurpassed effectiveness in delivering large amounts of damage, in a wide arc at close range. Although specialising in causing havok up close and personal, some key utility skills help the Reaver keep the fight that way.

The Phalanx (Spear and Shield): The Phalanx is the most calculated of all fighters in the valley. Trained to go up against beasts many times their size, they approach steadily with Shield raised, dishing out precise stabs with a Spear. Although not a ranged weapon set, the Phalanx has a surprising effective range.

Planned Weapon-Sets

The Blade Master (Sword): A Blade Master does not see themselves as a warrior. Perhaps a poet, a dancer, or anything but someone who lives to fight. But calm, daily training with a long bladed Sword can produce a particularly deadly form of adversary. Cutting through dispersed groups is the Blade Master’s specialty, using a mixture of close and mid-range attacks.

The Duelist (Duelwield): The Duelist is not an enemy to face up close. Traditionally you will see Duelists wielding the combination of a sharp dagger and a brutal cestus. Using these, a Duelist lashes out at an enemy rapidly, slashing and jabbing. The focus of this style of battle is to weave in and out of combat, dealing damage before the enemy can even react.

The Skirmisher (Sling): The Skirmisher takes into battle what some consider a child’s toy, but when well trained the Sling becomes a deadly weapon. With accuracy and speed, a pebble to the forehead has felled many a foe. The Skirmisher also makes use of poisons and concoctions, flinging them into large scale engagements to disorient large groups.

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