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The inhabitants of the valley are industrious people. They have found many ways to create makeshift weapons and armors from all resources available to them. Workshops are where master crafters turn scraps into functional items.

This is an ongoing page. Info will be constantly changing until release.


The Workshop is 1 of 2 main buildings used for the advancement of your character. The Workshop is used specifically to create Weapons and Armor and to modify the stats of it.
For the other main building click, Dojo
Understanding Progression and Experience
Workshop Image.png

Using the Workshop

To use the Workshop, you simply walk up to it and press the space bar. This will bring up a new UI screen.
Workshop UI Image.png

Equipment Crafting Tab

The Equipment Crafting Tab is the main tab used in the Workshop. From here you will add your crafting Resources, and select what Weapon or Armor you would like to make.
See Resources for a list of resources in game.

Workshop Resources

This is where you will drag all the resources needed from the Inventory UI.

  • Note there is a Capacity on the total amount of resources the Workshop can hold. It is not wise to use the Workshop as a place to hold resource items.

Workshop Resources Image.png

Select a Recipe

The first step is to select what item you would like to craft. Depending on the Workshops level, (noted in the Top left portion of the UI screen) you can only craft that high in Tiers.
Newcomer Workshops allow up to Tier-2, Veteran Workshops allow up to Tier-4, and Player created Workshops allow from Tier-5 and higher. The player created Workshop cap will be dependent,
on the server you are playing on.

Example of Level 2 Example of Level 4 Example of Player Created
Select Receipe Image.png Select Receipe2 Image.png Select Receipe3 Image.png

Tweaking Item Attributes

Once you have selected the Weapon or Armor you would like to make, this will bring up the second part of the UI:
Tweak Items Image.png

  • Original Cost: When you go to create the item, you have to pay its resource cost. This tells you how much you need.
  • Additional Cost: When you modify the stats, you may have to pay an additional Kinetic Resources cost along with the Original cost.

Please note that if you move the slider to the left to decrease stats, you will not have to pay the additional cost.

  • Item Balancing: When you move the slider of the attributes, you will unbalance the item. You will need to move other attribute sliders to help

counter this so that the item is balanced again.
If I wanted to max the Health attribute out on the item, I would drag the slider to the right. Now I owe 6 additional Blood of Tal for positivly affecting the attribute.
The item is now unbalanced by 10.
Tweak Example1 Image.png

In order to fix the unbalancing, I decided to adjust the Energy and Determination attributes to the left. I do not owe any additional cost since I negatively affected
those attributes.
Tweak Example2 Image.png

Once you have a Total:0 Balance, and you have the resources in the Workshop Resource area, you can now press the Craft button and obtain the item.

Crafting Results

This is where the item will appear when it is created.
Crafting Results Image.png

Information Tab

The Information Tab gives you some of the same info about how to use the Workshop as you will find here.

Increasing Item Tiers

Das Tal item progression is different then most MMO's when it comes to crafting items. Instead of just adding additional attributes to gear, you
are able to increase the percentage of each modified attribute.
For example: Tier 1 vs Tier 5 vs Tier 9 attributes.
We will use the War Scythe as our Weapon with all stats maxed out.

Tier 1 Tier 5 Tier 9
Attributes Example1 Image.png Attributes Example2 Image.png Attributes Example3 Image.png

As you can see there is an increase to the overall stats gained as you use higher tier items.

Player Created Workshop

This portion explains the additional purposes of the Workshop and its Building/Upgrading cost.

Special Items Tab

In addition to the Workshop, the player created workshop now has a Special Items tab. The sole purpose of this tab is to build a War Offering that allows
you start a Siege event.
See Sieges for more information.

In order to make the War Offering you pay the cost and it will put the newly created War Offering into the Results section.
War Offering Image.png

Creation and Upgrading Cost

Below is the creation cost and the upgrade cost to Tier-9. In order to create the Workshop you need to be apart of a Clan that owns a Settlement or own the Settlement yourself.
See Settlements.
See Resources.
See Clans.

Resource Creation Cost Upgrade T-6 Upgrade T-7 Upgrade T-8 Upgrade T-9
Wood Image 32x32.png Wood 300 400 500 600 700
Obsidian Image 32x32.png Obsidian 200 300 400 500 600
Hemp Image 32x32.png Hemp 100 200 300 400 500
Essence Image 32x32.png Essence 50 50 50 50 50